RingsRings - like every other part of our wardrobe - must be carefully selected and matched to the clothes. There would not be a benefit when it will be too small or to large. You should remember that each finger of our hand has a different thickness and even it differs when it comes to left and right hand. A ring should pass with little resistance by the joint of your finger and rest lightly at his base - without putting pressure on it.

When selecting the right size a direct measurement of the finger is not recommended. A caliper or a thread put around the finger are not a good idea, because the finger is exposed to compression and the result may be less accurate than it should be.

A better solution is to measure another ring, which is matched. You only need to use a ruler or other measuring device and then check the inner diameter of the ring. On the websites of jewelry stores and other websites you can find charts with dimensions of rings, you can then easily fit the right size. If you're buying in an online shop, you can make a refund or an exchange for another size. So when you find that the size is not correct, you can easily solve this problem.