bridal jewelryJewelry is the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful wedding dress. But when you want to look beautifully in every way, you need to remember a few important principles. Wedding dress itself is gorgeous, so any excess accessories can be a harm. It is better to wear less jewelry, but choose the impressive ones, than a lot and not really to match. A bride should not wear more than two rings on one hand, maximum - two rings and a wedding ring. Do not wear on one hand both gold and silver rings or bracelets - mixing those colors is not a good idea even when it comes to casual situations.

Remember to match the color of the jewelry to the color of dress - the crisp white one will look better with silver jewelry and white gold jewelry. This ecru shade goes with yellow gold. The choice of jewelry can completely change the image of the bride. Before heading to the shop you need to know if you're looking for delicate and subtle ornaments or a heavy accent that will catch the attention. The choice between gold and silver is the second step. Most importantly, however, it is your choice and your day. For more info visit