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A properly fitted jewelry is not only a beautiful decoration, but also can affect the perception of the silhouette. Here are some practical tips that will help you in the match. In general, thanks to the long ornaments, for example necklaces it is possible to slim figure visually. If you have a very feminine shape and you're not too high, you can choose a long necklace or a string of beads, preferably fairly gentle, so that you will appear taller and slimmer.

Generous shapes and taller women can select larger and heavier ornaments such as large beads, pendants with ethnic pattern or thicker bracelets. When you have a filigree, petite figure you should try to wear less outstanding jewelry, that will not overwhelm the body.

They can be for example small earrings, necklaces or thin bracelets. However, if you think you are too slim and you want to boost your figure, you can choose a thicker, more substantial piece of jewelry, for example a wide bracelet will make your arm look more impressive. Jewelry next to the neck thickens and shortens it. If you have a large bust, the best option in this situation will be longer pendants and ornaments. Visit here for more http://www.escorts-in-london.co.uk/escorts-heathrow-london.html

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How to clean jewelry?

Over time jewelry is starting to look a little less attractive. It's getting dirty and some materials such as silver are beginning to blacken, and therefore must be thoroughly cleaned. You can do it yourself! Pearls can be cleaned by leaving them overnight in a bowl with milk, then rinse them and polish in the morning with a soft cloth. Silver rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry should be washed well with soap and water and a toothbrush, then you have to rinse and polish your jewelry. Dark stains on silver jewelry without stones can be removed in a solution of hot water with baking soda, which must be poured into a container lined with aluminum foil. Gold jewelry without stones should be cleaned in a solution of water and baking soda and soap flakes. At the jewelry stores you can also buy various products designed to clean jewelry, for example in the form of a paste or a cream. Also, if the jewelry is heavily soiled or you are afraid that you will destroy it, in this case you can give it to a jeweler, who for a small fee, will be able to clean it.